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 ​Austin Dog Training Catfordogs Testimonials 

Dudley Catherine is simply amazing and has been a saving grace for our family. I was going to have neck surgery and would not be able to handle our nine month old Lab, Dudley. We dropped Dudley off on June 30 and left him with Catherine for a month. Catherine sent us videos almost every day. Dudley has returned to our family well behaved with great manners. Thank you Catherine for your patience and the wonderful gift that you have for working with dogs.

Beau Cat was referred to us by our vet. After adopting a spirited rescue dog, we needed help in a variety of areas. He was truly loving but would not go into a crate, was tearing up the house and pulled when we walked him. Cat helped with all that and more. Her way with dogs is amazing. She's professional and her training is thorough. Cat taught him multiple commands and helped us to effective use them at home. Money well spent; would highly recommend Cat.

Ombra & Nava I moved to Austin 2 years ago with my two German Shepherds. I travel for work so I several different dog sitters (which were all terrible) before I found Catherine. She is absolutely the BEST!!!! I have never felt happier and more secure with leaving my dogs since finding Catherine. She is a true professional, understands the needs, really detailed and overall just super great to communicate with. I highly recommend her. -Mike

Cookie Cat came highly recommended to us from both our neighbor as well as our mobile groomer. We have an 8-month old Australian Shepherd whom is the epitome of the breed. High-strung, high-energy and incredibly stubborn. We admitted defeat and called Cat for help. Cat has a natural way with dogs. She is also no-nonsense so even my high-spirited girl, Cookie, was no match for her. Cookie returned to us the same silly puppy but with a respect for authority and equipped with commands we are now able to deploy at home. Cat sent us updates, photos and video on Cookie's progress during her month-long stay, and has checked in on our progress with her now that she's back home. Cat for Dogs was worth every penny. We are so glad we called!

Gus and Olivia Catherine worked wonder with my two Frenchies, Gus and Olivia. They were stubborn and headstrong, but she lovingly changed them into wonderful pups that I can now take anywhere. I have to add that they are still funny, quirky, and playful, but they listen and obey when I ask them to. This picture is one week after we brought them home. We are at the vets office, which normally is mayhem for everyone and they just ignored the other dogs. The vet and vet techs couldn’t believe it. (They know us well!)

Coyote, Millie and Notti Catherine is awesome. I boarded my three knuckleheads with her recently for a few days, and she took such good care of them! She posted pictures of them on her Facebook page and I could tell they were having a blast goofing around in her large yard, getting plenty of exercise. One of my dogs is especially shy and nervous about new things but Catherine is also a dog trainer, so she knew how to handle her and make her feel at ease.

The place was clean and organized. The price was also very reasonable. My dogs weigh about 40-45lbs each and they could fit very comfortably in the same kennel, which was easier on my wallet. I wish I had found Catherine sooner but from now on, this will be my go-to place for my dog boarding needs!

Pebble A great place of obedience training, Katherine is a disaplaned teacher and is very conscious of your dog during training. She has trained 2 of my dogs and the outcome could not have been better for either.

Grizzly Catherine is amazing! She is an excellent dog trainer and very patient human teacher...;-) She has been working with our pup and my family for the last few weeks and life is so much more sane with her help! Highly recommend her for training and boarding. Thank you!!


Austin Catherine is the best . She first bonded with my pyredoodle Austin then started training him . He is such a better trained and happier dog . He is more confident and easier to control. I highly recommend Cat for dog training. It is worth every penny . Catherine has two fenced in acres and a nice swimming pool . She also boards dogs . She takes care of the dogs like they are her own . The place is clean, ac and safe . I normally don’t write reviews but I had to this time .

Ginger Catherine understands pets and they enjoy obeying her. We have had two dogs trained by her and they became part of the routine of our family. Obedience made them lovable and a joy to be around us. Catherine is also a joy to work with, a big plus!. M.

Frieda, our sweet 7 month old German Shepherd, was out of control!! After two weeks with Catherine she was transformed. She learned basic obedience commands which she routinely performs. Catherine's expertise, caring nature and love for dogs is amazing. Frieda loves her!!! We would highly recommend Catherine to family and friends. Gwen and Bill

Jack Catherine is not only an amazing dog trainer, she is also a great person. Patient, kind and flexible. I have boarded my Boxer several times and it has been nothing but a great experience. Her positive approach to training brings excellent results. A real bonus for all you worried dog parents out there-- she will ease your concerns and sends lots of updates, pictures and videos.

  • Remi I cannot begin to express how wonderful Catherine is with canine training. I found her in a last minute ditch effort to help with my newly adopted Labrador youngster (literally the day I brought him home from the shelter). He was afraid of stairs, dark hallways, his shadow, etc. She happily opened up her schedule to give my sweet boy the confidence and training needed to enjoy his new spoiled life with me. Within 3 weeks, he came back doing absolutely awesome. His fears no longer existed and the road was paved for his continued training and growth in my home. She didn't stop there...Catherine is devoted to her work and has followed up with me on multiple occasions to make sure I didn't have any questions and offered plenty of additional advice. You just don't get this level of passion from the huge corporate training centers. I am so glad I found her and will absolutely see her again for all my dog training needs. I highly recommend Cat for Dogs!!!

  • Sadie  Our 7 month old dog Sadie attended a 4 week train and board program at Cat for Dogs. Sadie needed basic obedience training along with socialization training. Being a stray dog she was fearful and lacked confidence in social situations. Catherine worked miracles with our dog. We’re amazed at how she changed in just 4 weeks. Not only did Sadie learn the basics, Catherine took Sadie out to local business’ to address her fears of anything new. Catherine is an excellent dog trainer and helps train the dog owner too! We’ve all learned a lot and Catherine makes herself available after the training to assist with any questions or issues. After 4 weeks Sadie was very affectionate with Catherine and that just solidified our opinion of Cat for Dogs! Karen Boykin

  • Weezie  Catherine was so wonderful and my french bulldog, Weezie had a great time. I am so happy to know about Cat for Dogs, and was at ease the whole time knowing Weezie was in great hands. The picture of Weezie on her lap really had me sold! Looking forward to my next vacation knowing we have a great place for our girl to go." Anne Grandinetti

  • Loulou and Pearl


Best dog trainer ever.

In need of a well-check and a nail trim, I took my 120 lb Lab and 110 Lb Great Dane to the vet yesterday. We arrived to a full waiting room and a gauntlet of tiny, barking poodles, jumping Boxer puppies and a very Wily Rat Terrier.  My dogs were perfect: They stayed by my side, waited for permission to be petted, sat on the scale and held a “down” while we waited in on the bench, for over 20 minutes.

The vet, a good ol’ country vet, was able to check them out completely, teeth, toes etc. and administer the bordatella vaccine into their noses with no fuss, not even a sneeze.  Their obedient behavior charmed the gentleman vet so much, he compared Biggie to his own and told me what I find I had had in him (who was an abandoned dog).

I told him, as I now share, that I couldn’t claim responsibility for my dogs’ great behavior, and told him how Catherine Muffat ( had been such a wonderful trainer to my pets. 

When we went to leave, he asked me if I needed help, and I was pretty proud (and extremely glad) to be able to say “no.”  The dogs were great out to the car and in for transport home. 

Catherine Muffat is not the first dog trainer I have used, but she will be the only one I ever use for future training needs.  She is confident, capable, caring and straight-shooting.  She not only trains your dog in all the standard English commands (and any you like), she speaks French to them too, so they become not only incredibly well-behaved and trained but adorably bilingual. 

Catherine is easy to be around and has a true love and respect for animals to the point that she offered to train my pigs (I have two pet pigs on my country property) for free.  Her dutiful attention to them, has paid off and my pigs have amazing recall and can do some movie-tricks.  Pigs are very bright, but they are pig-headed, which did not deter Catherine’s success.

The quality of my family’s is greatly improved by having well-behaved pets who are safe and pleasant to be around.  Having Catherine train my dogs was one of the best investments I have made.  And her rates are fair and more reasonable than other trainers I have used. 

When Catherine took LouLou the Great Dane on, she had already been trained by another trainer, for a month.  Despite this, LouLou was still jumping up (not okay for a Dane), had little recall and wouldn’t hold a sit. 

One month later, LouLou had evolved from a wild horse puppy to a regal, obedient mascot.  I call her my pet Unicorn.  I can run with her easily around any neighborhood and bring her anywhere.  She is a joy and wonderful around other people.

I highly recommend Catherine Muffat for any training needs you might have.  Big or tiny, meek or mighty, Catherine can teach your dog to understand you and you to understand them, developing a mutual respect that transforms a pet into a best friend. 

(Oh, and no animal is too hard for Catherine to train. Her pet cat does tricks and sits on command). 

Find Catherine at  She is currently launching her luxury in-home board/train/petcare with limited availability.  Catherine will offer swimming for dogs, training in her home among other pets, lots of exercise and play.  I will only board my dogs with Catherine, trust her completely and am ever-grateful for her help with my animals.-- Kelly Jones

  • Rika  "Catherine came to the rescue when I realized my 9 week old Vizsla was too much for me to handle!  She first met with me to explain what we do at each session and to meet Rika.  Right away I knew we would all work well together and I was so right!  Catherine explained that my very energetic pup needed brain exercises as well as physical exercise.  She worked with Rika on commands such as sitting, down, loose leash walking, and recall as well as games like Touch and Mark.  Not only was training involved, Catherine shared her vast knowledge of dogs with me to see the big picture.   She has a true love of animals and her sense of love and humor came through when she worked with Rika.   Training is definitely her calling. Catherine is always approachable and will answer any questions/concerns I have...while she was training Rika and now even that we are done. I whole heartedly recommend her for anyone needing her services!!" -- Marilyn Cerra


  • Scout  "As for training, if I could award more stars, I would. Catherine Muffat is absolutely amazing. Her month-long board-and-train program was a lifesaver for me. Scout's behavioral issues were greater than I can describe; to put things in perspective she would lunge at people/dogs from across the street, bark and bare her teeth, and wouldn't allow anyone into the house without an hour long introduction. I have grown up with dogs and helped train family dogs, but I had never had experience with an aggressive dog like Scout. Scout also pulled incessantly on the leash. Catherine transformed her.


Before I even committed to the program, Catherine met with me and explained the training program. We discussed Scout's issues and how her training might help her. However, Catherine did say that her training wouldn't be a final solution for a dog with Scout's issues, but that ultimately it would provide Scout with the tools to become more confident. In gaining more confidence, the hope was that she would become less aggressive. Catherine was very upfront with me with her expectations about the outcome, and I was very thankful for that. 


Catherine kept Scout in training a little over the four weeks, and she gave me the extra time for free. Scout was a changed pup when I picked her up in late April. She heals, understands and listens to simple commands, and she is more confident. She rarely barks at other people/dogs, and she is quick to calm down. I can even have people over to our home now with the proper precautions (muzzle and lots of hot dogs).  When I picked Scout up, Catherine walked me through the commands, gave me advice on how to continue, and had me schedule two follow-up appointments." 


  • Cutter and Angelina  "We are so glad to have them back and they are doing really well so far! We are so thankful for the great foundation work you have done with them and can't wait to continue the training at home!" Cutter and Angelina 


  • Lacy  "Six years old - but still such a puppy!!! Lacy is already such a better listener at home and yet still has her spirited and playful personality. We've now got the tools and techniques to stay on top of her training. Thank you for working with her Catherine!" 


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