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Austin Dog Board and Train -Catherine Muffat-Cat for Dogs

Our in-home service is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to get your dog or puppy trained.  And your dog will love staying in our home:


  • An in-ground swimming pool for exercise and fun

  • Spacious 4x6 kennels in a climate-controlled space

  • Lots of personal attention!

  • Country living on two acres

Who let the dogs out?

Canine boot camp with Catherine

One of the most effective methods for your dog to help learn its role as a responsible member of your household is a board and train experience at Catfordogs. 


There’s no shouting or unnecessary stress here though. Take a look at the images below or check out our gallery to get an idea of the environment we provide to help your dog reach its potential.

Mutual respect and reward based discipline is the message.

Think of it of it as a combined health spa and rehab programme with your dog’s own personal trainer.


With our in-home board and train facility with a swimming pool and climate controlled accommodation, certified dog trainer Catherine Muffat is personally responsible for the day to day well-being and training of your dog.


Catherine also offers private lessons for specific behavioural issues.


"Six years old - but still such a puppy!!! Lacy is already such a better listener at home and yet still has her spirited and playful personality. We've now got the tools and techniques to stay on top of her training. Thank you for working with her Catherine!" 


After completing an evaluation, I will board your dog in our home for a few weeks of intense training in basic obedience and home manners. Skills learned will include sit (stay), down (stay), waiting at the door, place, loose leash walking, and come (recall).


I also offer the option to work with your dog in a variety of settings (such as hiking trails and dog-friendly businesses) to generalize the behaviors they learn in my home.


At the end of the training period, I will give you a one hour "go-home" lesson to teach you the skills you'll need to continuously reinforce the behaviours your dog has learned.  Also included are two private follow-up lessons to respond to any question you might have during the following month.



               Down Stay and The "place command" 

Spacious comfy kennels

A swimming pool to cool down, learn to swim, and just have some plain old fun!

Wailting at the door